Legazpi Councilor Vince Baltazar mourns passing of great grandma


Legazpi Councilor Vince Baltazar is saddened over the passing of his great grandmother Nora Navera.

She brought a lot of joy to his life, said Baltazar. He would miss her happy face, her laugh, her funny stories and her jokes, he said in a Facebook post.

He would forever miss his great grandma who the family loves very much.

He is very grateful to have been part of her life, he added.

We’re sure she lived a good, long life!

“Rest in Peace my Great Grand Mother Nora Navera… it saddened me not to see your always happy face anymore and gonna miss your laugh, your funny kwento and jokes… rest in peace Great Grand ma! You will forever be miss and forever be love by our Family… Thank you for everything… God speed and Travel in Peace.. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” Baltazar posted.