Mayor Legacion meets with business sector to discuss implementation of stricter towing, wheel clamp ordinance


Mayor Nelson Legacion has conducted a dialogue with various stakeholders today amid the implementation of the stricter towing and wheelclamp ordinance in Naga City.

Legacion, Public Safety Officer Renne Gumba, as well as other city councilors were present during the said dialogue with the business sector.

“With the implementation of the #TowingAndExpandedWheelClampOrdinance now in full swing, the business sector in the city had a dialogue this afternoon with Mayor Nelson Legacion, Public Safety Officer Renne Gumba, and the city councilors, to raise before them some of their concerns with regards to the implementing rules and guidelines of the ordinance,” the city government said.

Among the particular concerns raised were the designated parking areas and other policies, that is being deemed to “affect and pose inconveniences in” their conduct of business in the city.

“Mayor Son assured the business sector that they will take the matter into consideration and will ensure to come up with a win-win solution that will meet halfway their needs and those of the public welfare and safety,” the city government said.

Last January 6, the city government has strictly implemented the expanded Wheelclamp and Towing Ordinance also known as Naga City Ordinance No. 2018-018.