Masbate BM Arevalo hits Bongbong Marcos’ historical ‘revisionism’


Masbate Senior Board Member Jason Arevalo took a jab against former senator Bongbong Marcos over his proposal to revise history books and tell his family’s side of the story.

Marcos, in a press conference recently, said that students should be taught about their side, including the cases against his family that were dismissed.

The Marcoses have been winning the string of forefeiture cases against them recently at the anti-graft court Sandiganbayan.

“Those who play gods think they can buy history. But no. Monsieur History doesn’t accept bribes. Even God cannot change the past, Bongbong,” said BM Arevalo.

Arevalo also hit Marcos for saying that only victors write history.

The politiko even gave the Bible as example, which was written by the apostles who were even persecuted during that time.

“And don’t even say history is dictated by victors only. The Bible, yeah, the Good Book, is written by losers and martyrs. Yet it is the greatest book ever written, the most read, the most translated. And yeah, not everyone contests it,” said Arevalo.