Wait for the reveal! Iriga Mayor Madelaine Alfelor explains needs to cover up renovation works

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It’s not unusual for local governments to cover up ongoing renovation and rehabilitation works on public parks, according to Iriga City Mayor Madelaine Alfelor.

Alfelor, in a Facebook post, cited Naga City as an example as it had also installed tarps to cover up the construction activities designed to make the park more attractive and a better open space.

She said she thought Iriga was the only one that did this and was even ridiculed on social media.

But it turned out that it’s in good company, and she asked people to be more responsible when reacting to actions of local officials.

She also asked her constituents to be patient as improving the plaza and city park would not be an overnight job.

The wait will be worth it!

“LOOK: even NAGA CITY covered their plaza/city park for renovation or rehabilitation which of course the intention is to make it more convenient, attractive and produce more open space…. Akala ko iriga lang ang ganito which has been subject of ridiculed in social media.. Hope people will be patient enough to wait the end result because everything cannot be done overnight.. PEACE to all???… HAPPY NEW YEAR and let 2020 be a start of more responsible reactors and constituents.. ❤️❤️❤️??????..,” Alfelor posted.