No more bad hair days! Masbate’s Jason Arevalo goes from Senior Board Member to Senior Bald Member


Masbate Board Member Jason Arevalo has found a way to avoid bad hair days— by having no hair!

In a Facebook post, Arevalo joked that he is now a Senior “Bald” Member as his crowning glory has considerably thinned out.

He said his thinning hair was due to alopecia, an auto-immune deficiency disorder where his white blood cells attack his hair follicles.

He is hoping his white blood cell count would call a truce and stop the assault on his hair.

But the politiko nevertheless remains positive.

He said regardless of the situation you are in, you should count your blessings.

Just because he is losing his hair does not mean the lord has forgotten him, he said.

He has definitely chosen to look on the bright side and would no longer have bad hair days ahead!

“From Senior Board Member to Senior “Bald” Member

Guess genetics is making a headway. It seems I won’t be having a bad hair day anymore this new year. Lol!

Quiet contentment in the face of things you can’t control. In the face of a hairless (not necessarily hapless and helpless) situation, find reasons to be happy. Sure, there are a gazillion reasons to be.

And yeah, whatever it is you’re in, always count your blessings. Just because God took away your hair, it doesn’t mean He doesn’t care. God does, He always does! Be it in good times or in “bald” times.

Anyway, a Happy and Blessed New Year, everyone!


Paging BM Butsoy Alvarez. Now, this makes us two! Hehe!

Actually, my case isn’t baldness. I’m suffering from alopecia, an auto-immune deficiency disorder. My own white blood cells are attacking my hair follicles. Am praying my WBC will take a truce and stop the carnage. Hehe!” Arevalo posted.