Sorsogon’s first lady Heart Evangelista rescues puppy


It’s no secret that Sorsogon’s first lady Heart Evangelista is a fan of dogs, whether they have breeds or not.

So it must come as no surprise when she rescued a puppy she found on the street.

In a Facebook post, she said she chanced upon the puppy in Sorsogon and had to stop the car to check on her.

The puppy started wagging her tail when it saw her, and she was so touched.

While she had to leave at that time, she asked a friend to check on the dog afterward and to get her.

Evangelista named the puppy “Daba” which means beloved child.

She will be taking care of Daba until she’s ready for adoption, she added.

Who’s ready to be Daba’s human?

“Earlier today, I saw this little angel on the street. I just had to stop my car to say hi. It’s amazing how even though no one has shown her kindness, it’s still their first language. When she saw me approaching her, she started wagging her tail already — how precious. ❤

I had to leave her after because of my schedule but because I couldn’t stop thinking about her, I had my friend go back to find and get her (thank you @hgmultitalented).

I named her “Daba” which means mahal na anak in Bicol. I’ll be fostering her until she’s ready for adoption. I hope that she’ll soon find her forever home. ❤ #AsPinClub #AdoptDontShop #MahalKongSorsogon,” Evangelista posted.