Pakyawin n’yo! Duterte orders mass cutting of trees in Bicol roads to avoid TRO


President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the Department of Public Works and Highways to undertake a mass cutting of trees in Bicol to preempt corrupt judges from issuing temporary restraining orders to delay right-of-way projects.

Duterte issued the order after Presidential Adviser for Bicol Affairs Marvel C. Clavecilla complained about delays in widening Bicol’s roads because of the Temporary Environmental Protection Orders issued by courts.

Duterte agreed to Clavecilla’s suggestion to take advantage of the disaster wrought by typhoon “Tisoy” in Bicol as a pre-text for the mass cutting of trees.

“Mabuti pa. Ayan pala eh. Pakyawin mo na lang. (Tell the) judge na ano, ‘I am cutting this tree for this typhoon’. And I will cut that tree tomorrow also for the typhoon that will come. It will sure to come dito sa Bicol ‘yang typhoon. P***** i**, ayaw nang huminto,” said Duterte during a post-typhoon assessment meeting in Albay.

“Sabi ko huwag kang mag — huwag mong paniwalaan ‘yang huwes na ‘yan. Puntahan mo ‘yan, sipain mo, p***** i** ka. Karamihan ng project ng gobyerno TRO, TRO, TRO dito. Kaya all delayed,” he added.