Albay Gov. Bichara issues safety advisory for Undas 2019


Albay Governor Al Francis Bichara has issged a general public safety authority for the celebration of the All Souls’ and All Saints’ Day.

Bichara told all the MDRRMC/CDRRMC’s to do the following:

1. All response agencies of cities and municipalities must be on alert status and be ready to respond on all forms of eventualities.

2. Continually coordinate with the local PNP and BFP to prepare contingencies.
3. Provide police visibility and assistance areas along major highways, traffic routes and cemeteries.

4. Maintain and publish emergency hotlines for the public to call during emergencies

Meanwhile, he told barangay officials to be “on ALERT status and ensure safety and security in residential areas during the time when they are busy on a visit to nearby or distant cemeteries.”

“Maintain barangay security visible in areas of heavy traffic and people movement particularly along cemeteries and recreational areas,” the order read.

He also told the public to make sure that their homes are properly lit and secured; unplug all appliances and/or turn off your main power switch

“Make necessary precautions in travelling and visiting cemeteries with children and elderly; make necessary preparations for emergency needs such as water, food and medicine during long travel; use sit belts for extra precautions,” the order read.

“Be familiar with emergency contact numbers of the PNP, BFP and Ambulance services in your areas,” it added.