Ako Bicol Rep. Garbin: 1 year ban on recruitment in PMA not too drastic

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Ako Bicol Partylist Rep. Alfredo Garbin is pushing for a one-year suspension of recruitment at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) amid maltreatment controversy hounding the institution.

Garbin said in a statement that the one year suspension is not too drastic.

“Having 52 cadets hospitalized, at least 27 new maltreatment cases, on top of the still pending Darwin Dormitorio case prove that my recommendation is the proper solution to PMA hazing,” Garbin said.

The Ako Bicol solon said that the lives and safety of the said cadets were “in mortal danger” and “that is no small matter.”

Garbin also proposed that the AFP may promote officers from among the ranks of the non-commissioned personnel and convert some of the ranking reservists to active status to address the effect on the supply of new officers.

“Besides, the impact of my proposal on the supply of new officers would not be immediately felt. The supply impact would be at least four years into the future. Kapag gusto, may paraan,” said Garbin.