San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo learns money grows on trees


San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo used to believe that money grows on trees, and it turns out he was right, in a way.

Mabulo, in a Facebook post, shared how impressed he was with the work of Telesforo Zosa, who makes money from the various items he creates out of the leaves of Cacao trees.

Zosa, who is based in Davao, turns the leaves into fabrics and uses these for lampshades, bouquets and the like.

Mabulo said he wanted to invite Zosa to Camarines Sur so that he could teach his craft to women entrepreneurs.

With his help, he could make money grow from trees in Camarines Sur as well!

“When i was a child, my friends and i would pick some leaves from trees and use it as make believe currency/money. Since then i always carry the belief that money grows out from trees. Recently my Davao trip validated it. I met a man named Telesforo Zosa who makes money from leaves of Cacao trees. He makes fabric from leaves and use it in his creations from lamp shades to bouquet of flowers among many other things. Lets invite him to Cam Sur PD Edna Tejada and teach our women entrepreneurs his art of making money from leaves,” Mabulo posted.