No more arduous trips! Tabaco Mayor Cielo Lagman Luistro opens new satellite office for upland residents

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Not all Tabaco residents can go to city hall, so Mayor Cielo Lagman-Luistro is bringing city hall closer to them.

Luistro recently inaugurated a satellite office in San Antonio, which, she said in a Facebook post, was meant to bring frontline services closer to upland residents.

She explained that local government employees who live in the upland barangays would be staffing the satellite office.

This puts them closer to their office and closer to home as well,

City hall can be in many places at once!

“Inauguration of the Satellite Office at Barangay San Antonio. This is one of the top priorities of Tabaco City to bring the frontline services nearer to its upland residents. It will be run by the LGU employees who are from the upland barangays themselves. The establishment of this office was inspired by the Satellite Office in San Miguel Island,” Luistro posted.