Albay VG Lagman recalls fondest memories with Sen. Nene Pimentel


Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman shared his fondest memories with former Senate President Aquilino Nene Pimentel, Jr..

Pimentel passed away yesterday morning, Sunday. He was 85 years old.

Lagman said that his fondest memories of Pimentel started in 1998 when his father Rep. Edcel Lagman ran for Senate.

“My father’s senate run was a very passionate campaign albeit one severely lacking in funds. So, at age 25, as a law student campaigning for my dad in the Visayas and Mindanao, i met this political giant of a man,” he said.

Lagman deacribed Pimentel as “one of the kindest of men.”

“In Dumaguete, Bohol, Puerto Princesa, Tagum City, Davao City and a host of other places in the Vis-Min areas where i represented my dad, he was the only senatorial candidate who truly ‘talked to me’ and invariably gave me a ride in his simple car (at least he had one; my dad’s campaign didn’t haha) to the political rallies our group went to,” the Vice Governor recalled.

“Inside his car we would talk about the campaign, about strategies, about law school (he once placed No. 1 in the Bar Exams). As a parting shot, he never failed to ask me to send his regards to my dad. Of course in his signature ‘paos’ but very sincere voice,” he said.

Rep. Edcel failed to make it in the top 12 of the senate race, ending at the 14th spot.

“Expectedly, I was disappointed. As a consolation, papa was the runaway winner in the Bicol Region with 1.1 M votes. And in the NCR, he placed in the top 12 in all its cities and then-municipalities,” said Lagman.

“Still, i was comforted by the fact that Sen. Nene vindicated himself from the Dagdag-Bawas electoral scourge that did him in in 1995 by making the magic 12 in 1998,” he added.

Lagman also thanked Sen. Nene for his contributions in “enriching our country’s political life, we are all grateful and with you we all stand tall.”