VP Leni Robredo rushes home to celebrate trusted helper’s bday


Vice President Leni Robredo made sure to be home early recently to greet a very special person a happy birthday.

The person is none other than her family’s helper Ate Alice, who has been with the family for 30 years.

Ate Alice turned 70 years old, and the family was there to wish her well.

In a Facebook post, Robredo said Ate Alice was the one who took care of her eldest daughter Aika since birth. When Aika got older, she became in charge of the cooking.

Up to now, Ate Alice takes care of the family, she said.

And for this, she is truly grateful, especially since Ate Alice has been very loyal to them.

Ate Alice is a blessing to the Robredos!

“Went home early today to celebrate the 70th birthday of Ate Alice. She has been with our family for more than 30 years already and is still taking care of all of us to this day. She was the one who took care of Aika since birth and became our cook when Aika got older. What a huge blessing to have someone as loyal as she is,” Robredo posted.