Masbate Rep. Kho provides cash assistance for medication of Masbateño kid


Masbate Rep. Tonton Kho has provided a financial assistance for the medical expenses of a Masbateño kid who is in dire need of medication.

Rep. Kho shared that Mr. Solomon Francisco, and his son Mark John, from Brgy. Quezon, Cataingan, Masbate paid him a visit in Batasan.

“Unfortunately, after some several months of tests and monitoring under the care and treatment of Philippine Children’s Medical Center, Mark John was diagnosed with Portal Hypertension and Portal Vein Thromboses and the attending physician advised Mr. Francisco to undergo Mark John with Esophagogastroduodenoscopy with Rubber Band Ligation (EGD with RBL). Due to financial challenges, Mr. Francisco seek and tried to request medical assistance from our good office for his son,” said Kho.

The solon said that as a father, he felt what Mr. Solomon is feeling right now.

“Infact, as parents, we all do. We can’t bear to look at our children suffer. They are our soft spot,” he said.

The solon thanked Congresswoman from the 2nd District of Masbate, Dra. Olga Kho for the guarantee letters since the “former representative from the 3rd District never allocated funds for medical assistance.”

“BUT don’t worry, this post is an assurance that our fellow Masbateños will be getting ₱22million worth of hospitalization and/or medical assistance funds next year,” said Kho.

“Mr. Francisco got cash assistance from our office for their medical expenses instead. Also, we have assisted in granting them a total worth of ₱10,000 from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD),” he added.

Kho also commended Mark John for staying positive and showed bravery despite his medical conditions.

“I commend Mr. Solomon Francisco for showing to us the unconditional love parents do to their children. Dahil dyan, you are one of the DADs OF THE YEAR,” said the Masbate solon.