Best bday ever for Iriga Mayor Madelaine Alfelor

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Iriga City Mayor Madelaine Alfelor’s birthday bash this year has trumped all her celebrations in previous years.

This was according to the mayor herself, who took to Facebook to thank her friends and family to give her the best birthday ever.

According to her, she has been celebrating her natal day for decades. But this year’s bash made her feel so much happiness, felicity, propriety and humbleness that she said cannot be surpassed.

Among the events for her birthday are tree planting activities, surprise gifts, compositions, recognitions, and most of all, love.

She may feel she had the best birthday celebrating this month, but who knows, her celebration next year could even be better!

“I AM SO BLESSED TO HAVE ALL OF YOU, FAMILY AND FRIENDS WHO JUST MADE MY BIRTHDAY THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER… Been celebrating for so many decades and nothing can surpass the happiness, the felicity, propriety and humbleness i ever felt this years birthday, (SEPTEMBER 7). Thank you to all the greetings, the tree planting activities, surprise gifts, celebration, compositions, recognitions and love❤️❤️❤️.. For all of you i will be forever grateful and made us more determined to do great things for IRIGA CITY❤️❤️❤️.. MABALOS PO..,” Alfelor posted.