Emergency? Just call 911, says Legazpi Mayor Noel Rosal


It looks like Legazpi Mayor Noel Rosal can’t wait for the city’s 911 command center to be completed.

In a Facebook post, Rosal updated his constituents about the command center.

He said two ambulances with automated external defibrillators, a rescue vehicle with extraction equipment, response pickups, and a response truck have already arrived.

The 911 call line would be installed next so that everybody could easily connect to the center, he added.

Soon, Legazpi will be very ready for anything!

“UPDATE….. 911 command center…… Arrivals of support vehicles….2 ambulances,(wt automated external defibrillator), rescue vehicle(with extrication equipments), 2 response pickup,evacuation and response truck…next will be the 911 call installation… For connectivity to everyone,,,, good am,” Rosal posted.