Citizen participation! Mayor Legacion utilizes social media to listen to Nagueños’ concerns


Naga City Mayor Nelson Legacion has utilized the social media in order to bring new meaning to “citizen participation.”

Legacion brought his citizen participation initiative on his Facebook account which yielded positive feedback

“The “Facebook CONSULTATION” I posted on August 30, 1:42pm generated 333 likes, 151 comments and 15 shares,” Legacion said.

The mayor said that the comments on his post revolved on the following themes:

(1) not enough space;
(2) waste of fund;
(3) better if rotunda with trees;
(4) needed verification with engineers and experts;
(5) effect on traffic and public safety;
(6) educating the drivers first; and,
(7) the proposed structure may be best built in another location.

“I truly appreciate your well-meaning opinions as well as the proposition sent to me by a very well intentioned person! Thank you guys,” said Legacion.

Aside from the Facebook Participation, Legacion also allots two days per month to serve as the People’s Day where he personally listens to the concerns of Nagueños.

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