Marinduque Rep. Velasco named PDP-Laban party head in lower House

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Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Jay Velasco has been named as the head of the PDP-Laban at the House of Representatives.

With his appointment, Velasco will now lead the 69-strong members of the PDP-Laban in the lower House.

“I am humbled and honored by the decision of the leadership of PDP-Laban to appoint yours truly as party head in the House of Representatives,” Velasco said.

“This fresh step by the party leadership is a welcome development as it will further strengthen unity and camaraderie among PDP-Laban members,” said the Marinduque solon.

Velasco vowed that the PDP-Laban members in lower house will support the legislative agenda that will improve the lives of Filipinos.

“With 69 members of the PDP-Laban in the House, this new setup will ensure that we move in one direction in taking a party stand on vital issues, but more importantly in supporting the legislative agenda to improve the lives of the Filipino people,” said Velasco.

Velasco earlier expressed his gratitude to House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano for giving the PDP-Laban charmainships of key House committees.

“The PDP-Laban is confident that it can push the legislative agenda of the Duterte Administration for the next three years with the allocation of key positions and chairmanships to our party members in the House of Representatives,” Velasco said.

Six members of the PDP-Laban have been named House Deputy Speakers, three deputy majority leaders, 1 assistant majority leader, and 1 assistant minority leader.

The ruling party also bagged 19 committee chairmanships and 58 vice-chairmanships.