Naga Mayor Legacion meets with electric, telco firms to discuss road clearing ops

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Naga City Mayor Nelson Legacion has met with electric and telephone companies to discuss the issues on dangling wires and electrical posts.

The meeting was pursuant to the order of President Rodrigo Duterte to clear public roads from obstructions.

“In connection with President Duterte and DILG’s directive on road clearing in the country, Mayor Son convened representatives from CASURECO, as well as other telephone and cable companies within the city,” the city government said.

The city government and the affected stakeholders tackled the “propose solutions to the issues of dangling wires and relocation of electrical posts that create disturbance and pose risks to the public.”

Legacion earlier issued Executive Order No. 2019-035 which formed the Road Clearing Task Force, complying with both the DILG and President Duterte’s directive to clear all roads of all sorts of obstruction, within 60 days.

Mayor Legacion earlier personally inspecting the CBD1 area as part of the preparations for the road clearing operations.

The road clearing operations is set to be launched today.

Legacion also held a dialogue with the affected residents earlier and explained the road clearing operations to ensure that due process are met before the road clearing operation.