Want to be like Barack? Tabaco Councilor Sheina Onrubia shows you how


If you miss former US President Barack Obama or want to be like him, Tabaco Councilor Sheina Onrubia knows what you can do.

In a Facebook post, Onrubia invited the youth to apply for the Obama Foundation Leaders Asia Pacific program, something that she had co-designed in January this year.

According to her, the program would last for a year and would be very enriching. Participants would be in the company of their fellow exceptional leaders from the Asia-Pacific region, she added.

You can take her word for it that this is a good opportunity!

“This was the program we co-designed last January 2019 in Hawaii, USA. To all Filipino youth, give it a shot! You have what it takes to become an Obama leader. This engagement will be a year-long enriching experience. Go, click the link, get to know the program, and have a chance to join the gathering of exceptional leaders from all over Asia-Pacific this December. :),” Onrubia posted.