There’s an app for that! VP Robredo lauds cool apps that help the blind see


Vice President Leni Robredo could not help but gush over the wonders of technology as her visually impaired relatives benefit from phone applications that help them see.

The apps, Seeing AI and Be My Eyes, describe the photographs and people and objects audibly.

In a Facebook post, Robredo shared that blindness runs in her husband’s family because of Retinitis Pigmentosa, which is a genetic disease.

But despite this, her relatives remain productive members of society and are also even able to participate in the family’s Viber thread.

When photos of a dinner and get together were shared in their thread, her sister in law Jeanne said she could virtually see the pictures because of the app.

The VP said this was amazing as the description was almost accurate.

She hopes other people can benefit from this app as well, she said.

The wonders of technology can make life better!

“Blindness runs in my husband’s side of the family because of Retinitis Pigmentosa, a genetic eye disease. But friends who know us are aware that our family members who are visually impaired are still very productive members of society, and are actively pursuing their advocacies, specially that of helping persons with disabilities.

Last night, the Robredo cousins went out for Friday dinner and were posting pictures on our family viber thread. Us, adults, who were left at home were just commenting. My sister-in-law, Jeanne, told us how she could virtually see the pictures they were sharing. It’s amazingly almost accurate. She said she’s using a free phone app called SEEING AI. My brother-in-law, Butch, on the other hand, said, he uses BE MY EYES, also a free app.

I just thought I’d share just in case some others can benefit from the information,” Robredo posted.