Marinduque Rep. Velasco: Rural electrification key to progress


Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Jay Velasco said that electrification in the countryside is the key to progress and development.

Velasco, the next Speaker of the House, urged electric cooperatives to maintain sustainable and efficient power supply to rural areas in the country.

The Marinduque solon sits as the chairman of the House committee on energy.

“I have witnessed how powerfully transformative access to electricity in the rural areas can be,” said Velasco.

Velasco, who also co-chairs the Joint Congressional Energy Commission, underscored that all Filipinos should have access to reliable, sustainable and affordable electricity.

“It is the only way for our country to progress economically. It is the only way to bring genuine prosperity to the countryside,” he said.

Velasco said that NEA together with electric cooperatives have so far energized 36,057 barangays out of 36,065 in the country.

“A few hundred meters na lang nasa finish line na tayo. Let’s go for it,” Velasco said.