Albay Board Member Raul Rosal ponders mandatory retirement for politikos

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Since government employees could opt to retire at 56, Albay Board Member Raul Rosal had an idea.

Maybe a member of Congress could propose a mandatory retirement age for politicians, which could be 65 or 70, Rosa said in a Facebook post.

It was just a thought, he said, and added that he himself was planning to retire at age 60.

Or he would retire in 2025 if he is elected to a third and last term as board member.

If certain politikos have term limits, should there be age limits as well?

“Approved na daw optional retirement of government employees at the age of 56, naisip kolang sino kaya Congressman ang pwede mag propose rin na magkaroon ng mandatory retirement ang politicians at the age of 65 or maybe 70, suggestion Lang po ito! Me, I’m planning to retire from politics at the age of 60 &/or if I will be re-elected for 3rd & last term as Board Member, I will retire on the year 2025!,” Rosal posted.