PM is the key! Masbate VG Revil looks for opportunities beyond politics

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Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil is now looking for opportunities beyond politics now that she’ll be out of public service soon.

Revil ran for representative of Masbate second district, but eventually lost to Rep. Elisa Olga Kho.

“As I will be officially out of public office, I am now looking at my career options. Feel free to advise me. PM is the key,” said the Vice Governor.

Revil is lawyer by profession.

“Also if you think I can be an asset somewhere, let me know where I can submit my resume,” she added.

Despite her loss, Revil said that it will be “exciting times ahead.”

Meanwhile, Revil said that it’s hard to move forward “when harsh realities pull you back.”

“But you have to move on. Focus on the good. Trust the cycle of life. Drought is temporary. Hope will rain. Love will bloom again.”