Heads up lolos, lolas and the PWDs! Legazpi City Hall now features ramp to second floor, says Mayor Noel Rosal

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Legazpi Mayor Noel Rosal is mighty proud of this innovation for the elderly and the differently-abled.

They can now go up to the second floor of city hall without taking the stairs or an elevator, Rosal announced on Facebook.

This is because Rosal has installed a ramp that goes all the way up to the second floor. This would make it easier for the elderly and the differently-abled to reach the higher floor.

The mayor said they would surely enjoy the ramp, which is one of a kind.

It is both fun and convenient!

“Only in Legazpi City…..The very old main building of your Cityhall…..One of a Kind Ramp to 2nd floor….can be a tourist attraction…..but what is important we are now senior citizen and PWD friendly cityhall…..when you come to see me and other offices try this ramp,8 cycles… you will surely enjoy…no need of elevator….truly,Legazpi city is the city of fun and adventure,” he posted.