The choice is yours! Revil vows to push for peaceful, progressive Masbate


Atty. Kaye Revil knows exactly that life isn’t all smiles, that’s why she vowed to make Masbate to become peaceful and progressive.

Revils is the incumbent vice governor of Masbate and now running for representative of the provoince’s second district.

“But life isn’t all smiles for Atty Kaye Celera Revil. Just before I turned 2 years old, my mom had to work abroad as a nurse. I knew coz I celebrated my 2nd birthday without her around. It was sad growing up without mommy,” Revil shared.

“I was sustained with her voice messages recorded on a tape & played on my walkman while Daddy read on her love letters,” she added.

Revil said that she knows that families go through “tough times” such as financial hardships because she experienced it first had.

“I’ve been there. I know how parents sacrifice so much for their children’s education & dreams,” Revil said

“My parents told me that they dream of me to be a lawyer like my Lolo Dolf Celera & Tito Ricky. So I pushed on & as I already am, my dream, their dream has already been fulfilled.”

The Vice Governor said that as she campaigns and meets a lot of people along the way, she saw the plight of my beloved Masbateños.

“I know there are many Masbateño children also hoping to reach their goals in life,” Revil said

“If you give me the chance to be your voice in Congress, I shall commit with God’s guidance to help you get through it & achieve a peaceful & progressive Masbate for the next generation of Masbateños,” she added.

“The choice is yours.”