Kaye Revil pens heartwarming letter for Masbate


Masbate congressional candidate Kaye Revil has penned a heartwarming for her beloved province.

Revil expressed how much she loves Masbate as she vows to take care and nourish the province.

“I love you. I want to take care of you, nourish you, teach you good values, send you to school, create an enabling environment for you that opportunities thrive so that you may live peacefully, progressively, as you grow your family,” Revil said.

“I look forward that our toil today will reap its rewards for your next generation.”

Revil, the incumbent vice governor, currently running as Masbate second district representative.

“I pray that we may stand firm together in our principles this coming election & hopefully we start building a legacy of hope, reigniting true love for our nation & people,” she said.

“Ah all that comes with so much hardwork Masbate, but yes I’m here, fighting for you,” she added.

Revil also said that she hopes that Masbate could “feel my sincerity & passion for you.”