United as one! Revil, Lanete, Bravo set aside differences for Masbate


Three political clans in Masbate decided to set aside their differences and unite for this coming polls.

Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil, Rep. Scott Lanete and Rep. Marvi Bravo have teamed up for this coming elections.

“Lanete, Bravo, Revil – We now move forward together, setting aside our differences & mending our hurts from the past,” Atty. Revil said.

Revil said that they are now united, even “stronger” that they used to be in 2010 and 2013.

“We knew that what happened in 2016 is part of history but we have learned from it & resolved to be together again as one group for our beloved Masbateños’ best interest,” she said.

“Others will use our past squabbles to sidetrack us from the real issues, trying to discredit our team & cause us to fight against each other,” she added.

Revil said they are united by the same goal and that is to uplift the lives of Masbateños.

“But we know better & no matter how hard they try to separate us now, we are one, because our fight is not just for ourselves but for one worthy cause that is- it is time to make Masbate great,” Revil said.

Rep. Scott Lanete is running for governor, while Marvi Bravo is his vice governor.

Atty. Revil is running for Masbate 2nd district representative.