Mayor Baldo says Daraga experienced ‘better change’ under his leadership


Daraga Mayor Carlwyn “Awin” Baldo said that in his 11 months in office, he has effected changes in the municipality.

Baldo said that when he assumed office in 2018, he was left with “several problems.”

“Looking back, I was confronted with several problems. Particularly, garbage disposal, traffic congestion, dirty public market, and more. People were even saying, “pag may naparong ka nang ma-bata, nasa Daraga ka na,” Baldo said.

Baldo was the town’s vice mayor and became the town’s local chief executive when Mayor Gerry Jaucian passed away.

Baldo said that “with the cooperation of concerned individuals, I am proud to say that, together, we made a better change.”

He said that Daraga built its own sanitary landfill to solve its garbage woes. He also implemented new traffic scheme to improve traffic situation in Daraga.

He also touted the streetlights projects as well as the installation of CCTVs in Daraga.

Baldo also said that Daraga focused on anti-drugs campaign through the reorganization of the Muncipal Anti Drug Abuse Council (MADAC) and the Municipal Peace and Order Council (MPOC).

“These are but a few concerns that I tried to resolve. My mission is to resolve more; serve more,” said Baldo.

“There are problems that can be resolved short-term, and problems that require to be resolved long term,” he added.

“Daraga is a beautiful place and I will never stop fighting for this town, for justice, for truth, and for my constituents, the Daragueños.”