Kaye Revil aims to turn Rodeo Festival into world-class event through national gov’t support

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Masbate congressional candidate Kaye Revil vowed to seek national government support for the staging of the annual Rodeo Festival once elected in office.

Revil said that she aims to develop Masbate’s Rodeo Festival into a “world-class” event.

“Rodeo Festival 2019 is almost over. If Atty Kaye Celera Revil gets to be elected as Congresswoman, I will lobby that this be given funding from the National Government so that it can be developed as a World Class event,” she said.

“Masbate is the Cattle Capital & the Home of the Philippine Rodeo. We also are pioneer & the only Rodeo Staging Show in Asia. It is just but right that this Festival be given the funding support needed,” she noted.

The incumbent vice governor said that prizes for games should be increased and there should be more Rodeo themed parks and offices.

“Homes can also be decorated, people must be further encouraged to be in Rodeo attires, prizes be given to those best dressed daily & best decorated homes/offices,” she said.

Revil also noted that more events must be organized for additional fun and more organizations and community should collaborate for the preparation of more events.

“Rodeo Parade can be grander with prizes for best floats & streetdance showdowns; Festival of Festivals competition must push through with increased prizes; Barn dance competition not just among municipalities but also schools/offices can make entries; very good facilities must be built,” she said.

Revil said that she envisions a “greater, grander Rodeo Festival.”