Sorsogon gubernatorial bet Escudero woos young voters

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Sorsogon gubernatorial candidate Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero has wooed the young voters in the province.

Escudero and his runningmate vice gubernatorial bet Atty. Wowo Fortes held a short discussion with the Sangguniang Kabataan of Sta. Magdalena and various youth organizations.

“Young constituents? Expect peals of laughter and lighthearted but substantial discussion on topics that matter to them,” the senator’s office said.

“Team Sorsogon First envisions a strong educational foundation and a robust sports development program to empower the Sorsoganon youth,” it added.

Escudero and Fortes also visited Donsol to meet with the residente there.

“The candidates of Team Sorsogon First had a productive discussion with the residents of San Ramon and Suguian regarding their plans and programs for the province,” Escudero’s office said.

“Strengthening the socio-economic infrastructure of all barangays is a top priority as Team Sorsogon First aspires for ISO certification for the province and all its municipalities,” it added.