Roses galore! San Fernando, Cam Sur’s first lady Michelle Mabulo thankful for abundant blessings on her bday

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Instead of getting a number of candles on a cake, San Fernando, Camarines Sur’s first lady Michelle Mabulo got a bunch of roses corresponding to her age on her birthday.

But those were not all the blessings that Michelle received on her special day.

In a Facebook post, she thanked her hubby, Mayor Fermin Mabulo, and their daughter Louise for giving her so much happiness.

She said they went through obstacles that they weathered together because they know those were part of God’s plan for them.

But she was also showered with blessings, which she chose not to count because they are just too many, she added.

The bottom line is her heart is filled with gratitude!

“The number of my roses is the number of my years on earth. Thank you Dad Fermin Mabulo and my eby Louise for putting so much joy in My life.

We’ve been together through ups and ups because we know everything is all part of God’s big plan for us. Our so called “down” is just there for us to change our path, know another direction and learn that only God can turn our disadvantages into our advantage. I cease to count My blessings because it may take another years to stop counting them. They all fill My heart.

To our family, friends, constituents, FB friends, bashers, house staff, OM staff, our leaders and most of all to the Lord Jesus for bringing us safely in this 40+ years of My life. THANK YOU!” Michelle posted.