Masbate VG Revil asks for moral support as local campaign period nears


Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil has asked for moral support as campaign period for local elections will soon commence.

Revil, who is running for Masbate 2nd district representative, said that now is the time when she needs all out moral support.

“Dear family, friends & supporters, as you know, campaign period is about to start officially by March 29. This is the time when your all-out moral support means so much to me & the cause that our team (#REVILKAYEmpaign2CONGRESS) pursue to achieve- a peaceful, progressive #MasbateProvince, healed & God’s glory revealed,” she said.

Revil admitted that running a campaign is never easy as it usually gets physically, mentally, and emotionally draining.

“Your words of encouragement, inspiration, fighting spirit & most of all- your prayers for protection, safety, guidance, wisdom & blessing will surely go a long way,” said Revil.

“Thank you so much in advance to all of you! Know that the future of #Masbate #Philippines & our country is determined by the actions & choices we do today,” she said.

Revil likewise asked those who believe in her brand of leadership for help in running her campaign.

“If you do believe that I am your best choice for Representative for Congress of the 2nd District, we need your voices to be heard. Please help us in our campaigns,” she said.

“Together, let us resonate hope for Masbate & our people. Enough of those who are controlled by those who sow fear, hate, violence, arrogance & bad vices for the society,” Revil noted.