Don’t give up! Naga Mayor John Bongat encourages seniors and PWDs to pursue dream of HS diploma

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Many dream of getting a high school diploma, and neither age nor disabilities should discourage people from pursuing this goal, according to Naga Mayor John Bongat.

In a Facebook post, Bongat encouraged 78-year-old Lita Borras and differently-abled Webster Lalas to pursue senior high school.

The two recently took the qualifying exam that would determine if they would go on to senior high school, and the mayor was supportive of their goal.

He shared a photo of himself with the two students and said he hoped their dream of getting a high school diploma would come true.

Moreover, he hopes their good example would also inspire others to pursue their goals, especially those who are more privileged than them but who don’t have their drive.

The fact that they are trying despite their circumstances show them to be good examples for everybody!

“IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO GRADUATE from junior high school, isn’t it? Of course, not, say 78-year old Lita Borras (second from right) and PWD Webster Lalas (on wheelchair), both of Brgy Triangulo, Naga City, who are both aiming to pass the recently concluded A&E Examinations that will qualify them for senior high. With us In this photo, taken during the ALS Ball at the Regent Grand Hall, are ASDS Sueňo Lozada (extreme left) and Curriculum Head Ma’am Lynn Zuniga Padillo (extreme right). May their dream to earn a high school diploma come true. May their will serve as inspiration to others who are more privileged but not as resilient!” Bongat posted.