Tabaco Councilor Sheina Onrubia overcomes illness to help the youth


Tabaco Councilor Sheina Onrubia is taking her duties as a mentor seriously.

In a Facebook post, Onrubia shared that she struggled recently after she got ill, but has a commitment in Camarines Sur.

She decided to push through with her trip anyway despite being sick because she wanted to push through with mentoring young leaders.

She overcame her situation because helping mold the next generation of leaders gives her so much hope and inspiration, she said.

And after meeting this batch, she could say that the future is bright , she added.

Some sacrifices are truly worth!

“Yesterday was a real struggle. I was sick, but I was set to go to Camarines Sur to be one of the mentors of these youth fellows. Praise God for His grace and strength! I decided to push through because mentoring new generation leaders from all over the country gives me so much hope and inspiration. The future is bright with these young people, including one of the Tabaco City Youth Ambassadors, Jay-Ar Botalon Echavez. I thank the Jesse M. Robredo Foundation for the opportunity to share my leadership journey, together with fellow good governance champions, such as Libon Vice Mayor Markgregor Edward Sayson.

Visiting Camsur is always a great delight. 😊Thanks Naga City Councilor Ray-an Cydrick Gromeo Rentoy for touring us around the

Museo ni Jesse Robredo in Naga. Happy birthday also, besh! 😊

I met also with CSPC educator and fellow youth advocate, a real servant leader, Madam Marivel Flandez Paycana. Thanks for the sweet time of mentoring in Iriga City, together with Jewyline from the Students of Destiny- Camarines Sur. 😊

I went home more energized to do the work! Thank You, Lord! ❤,” Onrubia posted.