Unwind muna! Masbate VG Revil takes a short break from challenging motherhood life

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Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil shared that she finally had a short me time and a break from a challenging motherhood life.

VG Revil said that she was able to catch the MMFF film Rainbow Sunset to give herself a chance to unwind.

But Revil made sure that her newborn has enough milk so that she can have her “break.”

“Truth is #breastfeeding is a challenge. And mom-life in general actually is. It takes a lot of patience, endurance for the pain & sleepless nights & zombie days,” she said.

“So yesss, we gotta give time to unwind. We owe it to ourselves, we need our sanity too,” added Revil.

She also shared her candid breastfeeding photo taken by her sister Maricris Celera-Lacsamana.

“30 minutes to screening time of last full show & that is still my scenario- making sure Karisma’s filled so I can take that 2-hour break in the movies & hope to finish it & not get a baby alert message that I need to go back coz she’s already crying non-stop,” Revil said.

“So yeah we were a little late, but yes, hurray we did it! Survived my first going out of the house other than for baby’s check-up,” she added.

Revil also advised other mothers to “get that much needed time to unwind.”

“I did Rainbow’s Sunset & I love it. To love & be loved & understand what true love is,” she said.