VP Robredo calls for help for Buhi

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Troplcal depression Usman may have come and gone, but the victims it left behind still need much help, according to Vice President Leni Robredo.

Robredo visited Barangay Iraya in Buhi to bring help to families affected by the landslides, and was crushed to see the extent of the devastation there.

In a Facebook post, she said the entire village was covered in deep mud and houses were destroyed. Tree trunks felled by the landslide were scattered.

But what broke her heart was the loss of the residents whose homes and families are no more, and who do not have a source of livelihood anymore.

They need a lot of help, she said.

Let’s hope generous souls will step up!

“We visited Bgy Iraya in the town of Buhi yesterday. To get there, we had to take a 30-minute boatride across Lake Buhi from the town proper.

We were there to bring help especially to the families of those who perished in the landslides. We were not prepared by the sight of so much devastation. The entire village was covered with mud, several meters deep. Entire houses were buried and destroyed. Tree trunks from the mountains were everywhere. But what was most heartbreaking was talking to the residents who were all at a loss on how they will pick up the pieces. They have not just lost family members and their houses, but also their water supply and their means of livelihood. They will be needing a lot of our help in the coming days,” Robredo posted on Facebook.