This is where your taxes go! Albay Gov. Bichara says quarry taxes spent for road, infra developments

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Albay Governor Al Francis Bichara said that the quarry taxes collected by the province have been used for the development of roads and other infrastructure projects.

The governor attended the year-end assembly of the members of the Task Force Quarry at the Albay Astrodome, today, December 19.

The governor lauded the efforts of the members of the task force as the province saw a “significant rise” in the collected taxes for this year.

“Because of your tight guarding, we are now able to collect the right amount of taxes and these goes directly to the coffers of the Provincial Government of Albay, and we need these because we need funds for our developments,” Bichara said.

The governor also said that quarry operators need to pay the correct amount of taxes as they are the ones who are causing “significant wear and tear to the roads.”

“They are the ones causing more damage to our highways and roads, it is but fitting that they should contribute more for their repair and maintenance, plus we will also be using the funds to widen existing roads and create even more to decongest traffic and shorten travel time for all road users,” Bichara uttered.

He said that these infrastructure projects are important for the development of Albay as it creates “domino effect” in the progress of the economy of the province.

“The more infrastructure and development projects that we have the more attractive we are to investors, these means more job opportunities for Albayanos, more income for our barangays, more taxes to be collected, and more funds for further developments,” Governor Bichara said.