Rep. Velasco’s bill creating sports academy, training center in Marinduque secures House panel approval

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The province of Marinduque will soon have its own sports academy and training center.

This, after the House Committee and Youth Development passed the House Bill 8317 authored by Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco.

The said measure aims to build the Marinduque Sports Academy and Training Center and secure funds therefor.

Velasco said that he is “grateful” to the members of the House Committee and Youth Development for their approval.

“I am grateful for the approval of the HB 8317 and the strong support that it received from my fellow committee members.”

“In a country where people love sports, especially basketball, it is about time that we establish a Sports Academy and Traning Center in the Province of Marinduque,” the solon said.

Velasco said that the proposed training center “will help enhance the training programs and sports development” in Marinduque.

“Health and fitness are also priorities under the initiative and I hope that Marinduqueños will actively participate in the programs of Sports Academy,” said Velasco.

The solom said that he will seek the support of the Senate to ensure its enactment into a law.