Masbate City Mayor Rowena Tuason has a special message for the man of their house

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Masbate City Mayor Rowena Tuason sure loves the man in her house.

Tuason shared a special message for her husband on Facebook as she greeted him on his birthday.

According to Tuason, she was grateful for everything he has done for their family.

Moreover, he will always be loved not just by his family, but by people whose lives he has touched.

These include the staff of the Nursery school in the city, who gave him their special greetings as well.

Looks like his birthday is full of love!

“The man in our house is celebrating his birthday today🧔🏻… Happy birthday Papa. Thanks for everything that you have done to our family. You will always be loved ❤️💚💛not only by us but also those people whose lives you have touched..🎂🍱👍

The very early well wishers:

Brgy Nursery Staff

Nursery High School

Nursery Elem School,” the mayor posted.