Calapan City Mayor Arnan Panaligan pays tribute to former US President George Bush

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Calapan City Mayor Arnan Panaligan is one of the people mourning the death of former US President George Bush, who passed away over the weekend.

In a Facebook post, Panaligan paid tribute to Bush. He recalled that after Bill Clinton defeated Bush in 1992, he sent a classy letter congratulating Clinton.

The mayor praised Bush for showing civility and statesmanship even in defeat. He noted that there was no bitterness or rancor in his words.

But Panaligan could not help but lament that things are not the same in today’s politics, where there is a lot of mudslinging, character assassination, false accusations, and fake news, he said.

If only more politicians could be like the elder Bush, there would be more mature, intelligent and civil discussions on important national issues, he added.

We couldn’t agree more!

“George H.W. Bush was the incumbent US President that Bill Clinton defeated in 1992. His letter to the incoming president shows civility and statesmanship on the part of the outgoing president. There was no hint of bitterness or rancor after a hard fought campaign. Sadly, in today’s politics, whether in the US or here at home, political discourse has descended to the level of name calling, character assassination and outright false accusations and fake news. We hope for a more mature, intelligent and civil discussion of vital national issues,” Panaligan posted.