Paying it forward! Ako Bicol Rep. Batocabe provides help, other services to senior citizens

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Ako Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe is paying it forward as he prioritizes the needs of senior citizens.

Batocabe said that the Ako Bicol has been pushing for legislations that will benefit senior citizens.

“One of the sectors that we have prioritized in the 17th Congress are our senior citizens,” he said.

“Thus, we have pushed for the universal pension ( meaning, all should have pension) , creation of the Commission on Senior Citizens, universal health care and free legal aid.”

Batocabe, serving his last term as a party-list solon, said that they are also active on the ground to deliver basic services for the seniors.

The solon said that once he gets old, he also wants to experience the same privilege extended to senior citizens

“In the local level, we are very active in making the lives of seniors bearable through our medical assistance, regular medical missions and continuing dialogues with the sector,” the solon said.

“Indeed, am doing all of these, because I also expect to be treated the sameway when I become senior citizens. For after all, whther we realize it or not, our ultimate ambition in life is to become a senior citizen,” he said.

Batocabe is running for mayor of Daraga this coming 2019 midterm elections.