Masbate Rep. Lanete wants financial literacy be included in school curriculum


Masbate Rep. Scott Lanete wants financial literacy be included in the school curriculum in the country.

The solon said that the country’s educational structure needs reforms and the youth should be taught “informed money management decisions”

“Financial literacy is the knowledge and ability to make effective and informed money management decisions,” Lanete said.

“Even if children are not yet capable of absorbing knowledge about the intricacies of finance, school teachers can provide them with accurate information, introduce ideas, spark interests, and help empower them to take control of their financial future,” he added.

To address this, Lanete has filed House Bill 1068 to include financial literacy in the educational system in the country.

“The Philippines has yet to introduce reforms in its educational structure in terms of financial literacy, especially among children. This bill seeks to reform the country’s education system by making financial literacy a vital part of every school’s curriculum,” he said.

“By teaching the youth about the value of managing their money, they can learn at an early age the important relationship between earning, spending, saving, and even investing.”