Keep ’em coming! Support continues to pour in for Masbate VG Revil’s Buntis Congress initiative

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Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil has expressed her gratitude to all the donors for her Buntis Caravan and Congress initiative.

Revil said that support continues to pour in for her initiative including the Office of Senator Win Gatchalian.

“Yehey! Got an email from the Office of Senator Win Gatchalian that he will support our Buntis Caravan & Congress. Thank you so much po Senator Win. God is amazing. He provides for our good intentions. Always. You are an instrument,” Revil shared.

She also said that the Department of Health vowed to support her initiative for pregnant women.

“Ask and you shall receive. The word of the Lord is true!!! Yehey!!! Thank you Department of Health for supporting VG Kaye Revil’s Buntis Caravan & Congress,” she said.

Moreover, the 7 months pregnant Vice Governor said there are some donors who wish not to be named.

“And yes we have some donors who wouldn’t want or need to be acknowledged. They prefer to be anonymous,” VG Revil said.

“But just the same, in behalf of the Buntis of Masbate who will benefit from your collaboration & support, maraming salamat, thank you po!!!,” she added.

The dates of Masbate Buntis Caravan are as follows:

Nov. 16- Mobo
Nov. 17- Baleno
Nov. 18- City
Nov. 19- Mandaon
Nov. 20- Aroroy
Nov. 21- Milagros
Nov. 22- Balud