Masbate Vice Gov. Kaye Revil’s unborn baby is already a traveler

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Masbate Vice Gov. Kaye Revil can’t wait to see her new baby, who is set to debut into the world in a few weeks.

But while the baby has yet to be born into the world, it sure has had a lot of adventures, thanks to mom.

Revil’s preggy self visited Switzerland for a study and work tour. She noted that she and her baby have done a lot together, and now they were in a foreign country.

The two of them have also been walking around in the cold. Thankfully, mommy is fit and can handle it.

Still, she called for prayers to ensure that she will have a safe and normal delivery and a healthy baby.

We can’t wait to see the new, adventurous Baby Revil!

“Buntis muni-muni-ing. ☺️

Just a few weeks to go and I’ll be giving birth already. I am excited to meet this little bundle of joy that has been within me for 7 months already. We’ve been doing a lot together. Enjoying having sweet company wherever, whenever. Now we are in Switzerland, studying together. 😉Lakwatserang baby within. 😅😂 Catching my breath with all the walking & cold, but thank God, still have the stamina, fit naman tayo. Aaaack lapit na!!! What do you think? Boy or Girl? Prayers for a safe & normal delivery please & a healthy baby. ❤️ Thank you. 😘 God speed. 🙏🏻,” the vice governor posted.