Iriga Mayor Madelaine Alfelor cries for justice for slain boy

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It was a tragic and unnecessary death, and Iriga Mayor Madelaine Alfelor could not help but mourn it.

In a Facebook post, Alfelor shared in the grief of the family of three-year-old Amboy Albano, who was killed by what she described as a “psychopath.”

Alfelor conveyed her condolences to the boys’s family, but she noted that the tragedy could have been avoided.

According to her,residents of the area reported the suspect to the barangay council and informed it that he was dangerous.

But it seemed no action was taken, and the man was able to harm the young boy.

The man could have been reported to the police and the local government, and the attack on an innocent could have been prevented, she lamented.

May everybody learn from this painful lesson!

“Our deepest sympathy to the family of the little boy 3 years old who is now an angel AMBOY ALBANO, was murdered brutally by a psycopath from barangay san antonio, Iriga City.. The constituents reported to the barangay council headed by their punong barangay how dangerous the psycho is but it seems there was no action taken on their end, they still waited for this horrible and unforgivable killing/incident, it could have been prevented…😭😭😭… They should have reported to the police or to the local government.. why? It could have been prevented..,” she posted