Heavy rain leads to pet bonding for Naga Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion


First, Naga Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion went out to check on his constituents when it was raining cats and dogs.

When he got home, he decided to play with his cat and dog.

In a Facebook post, Legacion said he decided to go out amid heavy rain to check on the affected areas and make the rounds of the city.

After this, he headed home to a warm welcome from his furry pets Atoy and Missy, and spent time playing with them. He shared photos of their bonding session on Facebook.

It’s the perfect activity for a rainy day!

“Because it was ‘raining cats and dogs’ which led me out of our house to check on affected areas and after doing the rounds, I got the opportunity to play with our lovable pets: Atoy and Missy!” the Vice Mayor posted.