Laughter is the best medicine! Masbate Rep. Lanete seeks establishment of ‘humor wards’ in all hospitals


Masbate Rep. Scott Lanete has filed a bill that seeks to establish “humor wards” in public and private hospitals.

Lanete filed House Bill 631, which mandates the establishment of humor wards in all hospitals and appropriating funds therefor.

“As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Humor reduces stress and enhances a person’s quality of life. Furthermore, studies show that Humor Therapy helps patients relax and deal with pain,” Lanete explained.

Lanete said that many hospitals across the globe have their Humor Wards.

“Many hospitals and treatment centers around the world have set up special rooms with Humor Therapy materials for patients, like movies, audio recordings, books, games, and puzzles,” he said

“There are also hospital volunteers who visit patients to make them laugh. Some cancer treatment centers offer Humor Therapy in addition to standard treatments. However, the Philippines has yet to apply this simple yet effective medical innovation,” he added.

According to the solon, his bill seeks to improve the country’s health care services by establishing humor wards in all hospitals.

“The goal is to promote a positive healing process and to provide an additional alternative aid in combating illness,” Lanete said.