Lies! CamSur Rep. Andaya says SALN violation complaint a ‘demolition job’

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House Majority Leader and Camarines Sur Rep. Rolando Andaya Jr. has scored the “demolition job” hurled against him with the filing of complaint over the alleged misdeclaration of his assets.

The Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) filed a complaint against Andaya before the Office of the Ombudsman over the alleged misdeclaration in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth (SALN) for 2016 and 2017.

Andaya denied the allegations and said that it was part of an “ongoing hatchet” against him, especially that he has expressed his desire to run as governor of Camarines Sur.

“It is an expensive demolition job being waged at all fronts, especially in social media, but with a common thread running through all of them: lies,” said the Majority Leader.

“In a bid to keep their stranglehold on the province, my enemies are resorting to tactics most foul, because the most recent surveys show that I will beat their candidate, despite the private and public resources at their disposal,” he added.

“This harassment suit would not have prospered if I did not heed the clamor of my provincemates to lead them in changing the bad way the province has been governed for years.”

Andaya wished that PACC Commissioner Greco Belgica should’ve asked for his side first so that he could’ve provided him with “facts” before filing the complaint.

“I do not expect the masterminds behind this complaint to get my side but I expect Mr. Belgica, as a government official, to have asked for my side, and I would have gladly provided him with the facts,” Andaya said.

“Unfortunately, he miserably failed in this one elementary aspect, and opted to chase publicity. This stunt leads me to conclude that he has been a clueless victim of a prank, or a party of an ongoing hatchet job against me,” he added.

The solon also flagged the timing of the complaint, whicg was done two days before the start of the filing of the candidacy, and that “smacks of a contracted demolition job.”

“If Mr. Belgica wants to be impartial and fair, I would suggest that he conducts the same investigation into the SALN of my political opponents,” said Andaya.