Open door policy! Need someone to talk to? You can count on Masbate VG Revil

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If you need a friend, you can count on Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil.

The Vice Governor said her doors are “always open” especially for those who “suffer in silence.”

“My door is always open and my sofa is super comfy. I don’t have the most extravagant place, but it’s a place of peace and non-judgment; any of my family/friends who need to chat are always welcome anytime.I am never more than a phone call away. It’s no good suffering in silence,” Revil said in a Facebook post.

Revil said that she understands them because she’s “been there too.”

“There is always something in the fridge to drink, if you like coffee (or tea) I’m sure we can make a pot or two. If you are hungry I will feed you. But if I don’t have what you would like, we can go get something,” Revil said.

“I’ve got you! You are always welcome and will never be an inconvenience! I’m sure you all already know this but everyone needs reminding that I have an #OpenDoorPolicy,” she added.

Revil said that she’s willing to visit them if they “cannot bring yourself outside.”

“I am willing to visit you. Because I want you to know someone is with you, even if you just need a quiet presence beside you,” Revil said.

“Could at least one friend, please copy and paste not share. We are trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening,” she added.